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RIP Sarita <3

I can’t find the words… I can’t say anything to change the feeling… life is so unfair… too unfair… rest in peace Sarita, for now those are the only words I have, but tonight before I go to sleep I’ll say a little prayer for you. Watch over us. You were the sweetest young lady – I have great memories of you, I’m so sorry we didn’t make more.


It’s the HELLO WORLD post

So I am writing yet another “Hello World” Post. It’s always on my list of things to do – you know keep a successful blog going. I don’t know if my life is that exciting. I don’t really know who’s life is. I mean I am not going to be adventurous, insightful, and funny or interesting every day. I am sure a lot of my days will be a lot like today. Went to work early, hectic day and came home to relax. It’s 1:30am and I still haven’t had dinner because I’m being that lazy. I am doing this blog for me. Same reason other people do it for. I want someone to read my blog like I read other people and comment. I have a handful of friends that I love very much but sometimes it’s nice to make a connection to the world I say hello to via twentysomethingg

–       Pen